Keto diets have become quite popular over the years, and as one might imagine, the lack or near lack of carbohydrates in a diet, as Keto requires, can be quite a challenge. As such it’s no surprise that a lot of folks turn to artificial sweeteners to get their taste fix without compromising the diet.

And as aspartame is one of the most popular artificial sweeteners, there’s no shortage of people looking to learn if it can be used during Keto or not. But can it?

Aspartame & Keto, a match made in heaven?

The answer is quite simple:

Aspartame & KetoAs aspartame contains next to zero calories, it will have no effect on the state of ketosis. It’s a completely safe choice for adding sweetness into your diet without increasing the carbohydrate load.

Aside from the effect on ketosis, some people are also afraid that consuming artificial sweeteners such as aspartame will increase hunger sensations.

Again, there’s no real risk of that happening. Aspartame is a completely neutral substance when it comes to its effects on hunger and satiety. In human studies there have been no noticeable or consistent signs of any effects on hunger, thirst or satiety when comparing simple water to water with added aspartame. Just check out our main page for all the studies on the topic!

Furthermore, fears of aspartame increasing blood glucose or insulin levels are also unfounded. Neither would have any relevant effect on fat loss to begin with, but those scared of such fluctuations won’t have to worry – aspartame is neutral

So, Aspartame & Keto, fine together? Indeed. Grab some diet soda, chew some gum, and don’t worry about it.


– Aspartame Research Team


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